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japanese drawer-style hotel beds

April 29th, 2008 · No Comments


I’d heard the rumours and seen the Seinfeld episode, but I’d never actually seen pictures of Japan’s drawer-style hotel beds. They’re apparently quite comfortable, even if they do look like Easy-Bake Ovens.

From a neat write-up on the aptly-named Cool Things in Random Places:

These hotels are available all over major Japanese cities — especially Tokyo, where even cemeteries are housed in skyscrapers. These hotels closely resemble youth hostels — the sleeping berths are two meters long at the most, and maybe a meter wide. You can roll down a screen for privacy. But this is Japan, so the entire operation is often sleek, and spotless.

They are actually quite cozy. For anywhere from 3-5000 yen (~$30-50), you get a bathrobe, free showers, and often wireless internet. The capsules themselves come with radio, alarms, and a television. Toiletries like razors, shaving cream, and so forth are also available — allowing hungover Japanese to show up at the office the next morning, looking fresh as a rose.

I’ll be heading to Seoul this summer, possibly with a layover in Tokyo, and I think I’d like to try this, for the story to tell if nothing else. Seems great for a quick snooze on a budget, and the bathrobe sounds nice. Lousy for couples, though. And portly folk. And claustrophobics.

The image above is from Tokyo’s Capsule Inn Akihabara. Sounds homey.

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